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May 4-5, 2018
Maple View Mennonite Church
Wellesley, ON

Cost: $65.00 per couple

or an early-bird registration fee of
$55.00 if paid by March 31st

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What Participants Are Saying

It seemed like it was just “our” weekend. I found a new friend for life – my fiancé.”

“It has been three years, but when I hear Engaged Encounter I get a warm feeling, a smile and I recall it as the real beginning of our relationship.”

“I felt apprehensive, but in just two days we learned more about ourselves than in the two years of dating. I felt confident.”

We almost didn’t go. I really believe if we had not attended, we would have missed the greatest growth experience of our life.”

“We were able to uncover our thoughts and expectations about our marriage. It brought us closer together than we had ever been.”


Marriage Encounter


The Engaged Workshop

Marriage Encounter Eastern Canada understands the importance of good marriage preparation for engaged couples. We strongly recommend Engaged Workshop, although not directly associated with our ministry, it is an experience designed to prepare you, both personally and as a couple, on your new or upcoming marriage.

The Hope

Here is a chance to begin your marriage with some well-proven communication tools that will help you to handle the conflicts and difficulties that arise in all marriages. You will develop a better understanding and acceptance of one another. You will have an opportunity to see marriage as a lifetime of relationship building, creating a deepening love for one another.

The Subjects that will be Covered

COMMUNICATION: The recognition, sharing and acceptance of our feelings can be the basis of deeper and more fulfilling communication in our marriage.

LOVE:  When we say vows to love one another, that love is not a feeling, but is something that we have the power to decide to give.

LISTENING: is not so easy, but it is one of the best ways we can give our love.

CONFLICT: is inevitable, but by working together we can make our conflict enhance rather than tear down our relationship.

WORKING THROUGH ISSUES: Issues arise between us. Some cause open disagreement; others we avoid. Issues can come from a number of potentially touchy areas, including money, our relationships with our families, our work, our sexuality, as well as differences in our religious backgrounds or attitudes. The keys are to be able to talk about them with love and to listen.

ACCEPTANCE: Our partner is not perfect! We are called to accept one another the way we are. Let us celebrate our differences!

FORGIVENESS: We do hurt one another, therefore a vital part of a healthy marriage is the ability of both partners to ask for and to give forgiveness.

KEEPING MARRIAGE PERMANENT AND GROWING: All marriages have difficult times. When it happens to you, what will you do? Here are some ways to keep our relationship growing. Building our marriage is a lifetime project.